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Written by Administrator Last Updated (05 March 2011)

This amazing picture was designed by Jim Light, one of our pro-staff members. It is a vision that God gave him of what our outdoor ministry means. Below is a description of our logo that Jim himself wrote.


1)    I see a circle that reminds me of the earth that God created in the beginning. I also see a circle that is endless, just like God's love for you and me. I see an "O" for the outdoors that God created for us to enjoy & behold the beauty of His creation.

2)    I see a fish hook for all those who enjoy the great sport of fishing & am reminded that Jesus chose ordinary fishermen to be His disciples. I think of what Jesus said, that "they would become fishers of men." I see a "J" and think of the angel telling Joseph and Mary "His name shall be Jesus."

3) I see the letter "C" and think of all the families, hunters, fishers, hikers, cyclists, and anyone else that loves to camp in the great outdoors. And then I think of CHRIST and the Creation. John 1:3, All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made. This is our name, "New Hope Outdoors for Jesus Christ."

4)   At the eye of the fishhook I see a clay target that trap, skeet and sporting shooters, such a diverse range of people are familiar with. Men and women, boys and girls, old and young, and I am reminded that Jesus came that "ALL" might be saved and have eternal life.

5)  I see below the clay target a three dot shotgun sight and am reminded of a place called "Golgotha, the place of the skull," where Roman soldiers crucified Jesus on a hill called Calvary, and I can see that hill.

6)     I see a scope that all kinds of shooters use, both for target shooting and hunting. The one crosshair is made of an arrow for the outdoors person who bow hunts or target shoots. At each end of the arrow is a spike nail, covered with blood, representing tha nails that held Jesus' hands and feet on the cross.  When a bow hunter harvests an animal he usually must follow a blood trail, and I see the trail of blood left by Jesus after He was beaten as He carried His own cross, stumbled and fell on the way to where He would be crucified.  The other crosshair is made of a bow string with a peep sight. When I look at the peep sight, I see a crown of thorns that was placed on Jesus' head.

7)  The vertical line extends below the circle to form a cross and at the bottom of the cross is the third nail that held Jesus to the cross. This nail also stakes the chain used by the outdoor trapper. Every time I drive a stake on a trapline I remember the nail in Jesus' feet. Possibly you feel that your life is caught up in a trap. Jesus can release you from that trap and set you free.

8)   No matter what I enjoy doing in the Outdoors, I always see the cross and what Jesus did for me that I might be set free from sin and have eternal life.





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